Steven Czymbor, DPM

Randall Dei, DPM

Jeffrey Hall, DPM

Mark Hinze, DPM

Andrew Marso, DPM

Jefery Weber, DPM

Renee Settle-Robinson, DPM

Seema Fatima, DPM

Jeffrey Fischer, DPM

Lucinda Meier, DPM

Christopher Milkie, DPM

Randy Pauers, DPM

Ivelisse Vargas Jon, DPM

Elizabeth Vissat, DPM



Thomas Chua (Batiatric), MD

Christopher Smith (GI), MD

Jeremias Vinluan, MD

Laam Ko

Joseph Sullivan, MD


Jonathan Berry, MD

Brian Black (Pediatric,) MD

Stephen Nord, MD



Arthur Arena, MD

Walter Melnyczenko, MD

Mauricio Tovar, MD


Douglas Wermuth, MD


David Coran, MD



Navtej Purewal, MD

Yogendra Bharat, MD

Ahmed Elborno, MD

Thomas Stauss, MD

Dino Tsoulfas, MD


Patient Testimonials

“The staff talked and listened. They made me feel more like a person, not a patient. They were so great when it was time for my procedure. I was no longer scared.” ~ Therese S.

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