Your Comfort and Convenience Matter at Wisconsin Surgery Center

You and your family members have unique needs, which Wisconsin Surgery Center strives to meet every step of the way. Starting with our newly re-decorated reception area where family and friends can remain close by in a warm, comforting, homelike atmosphere. We offer plenty of comfortable seatingcoffees, and beverages for your convenience.

Patients receive one-on-one care in our pre-op department. Our dedicated nursing staff will listen to your questions and concerns and pay close attention to your needs prior to surgery. Our highly qualified staff is committed to reducing your anxiety or stress and making your surgical experience as pleasant as possible.

After your surgery you will spend some time in a private recovery area where our highly trained nursing staff attends to all your post-operative needs. This attentive care doesn't end when you are discharged. We also make a follow up call to you at home and address any issues or concerns that might have come up after you left Wisconsin Surgery Center. Our anesthesiologists also specialize in pediatric and ambulatory surgical anesthesia and come highly qualified in many areas to meet every individual’s needs before, during and after surgery.

A recent study conducted by Blue Cross Blue Shield, revealed that procedures performed at an outpatient surgery center cost 47% less on average than the same procedure done at a hospital. Furthermore, all studies show that the quality of care delivered at an outpatient surgery center is equal to or better than comparable hospital care. So choose Wisconsin Surgery Center, where you will receive the highest quality of care combined with the lowest possible costs.

Our center is designed to provide highly personalized, quality same-day surgery and other outpatient procedures. We provide a unique combination of easy access and the latest technology and treatments from quality professionals. Our patients and those accompanying them enjoy a brief stay in a pleasant, and comfortable environment. We call it "Care Beyond Compare."

Learn more about our state-of-the-art surgical center at Wisconsin Surgery Center. Call 414.384.2100 for more information.

Patient Testimonials

“The staff talked and listened. They made me feel more like a person, not a patient. They were so great when it was time for my procedure. I was no longer scared.” ~ Therese S.

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